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Furniture accessories

Retail sale of furniture fittings, hoods, sinks, countertops, chairs, tables, kitchen accessories, bathroom, sliding systems, tool parts for commercial equipment.

Phone: +375 (225) 52-30-83, +375 (29) 624-82-1

Address: Bobruisk, st. Chongar, 44 (map)


Furniture hardware, lawn grid and other products.

Phone: +375 (225) 48-08-22, +375 (225) 48-08-33

Address: Bobruisk, st. Sacco, a (map)


On sale is furniture accessories, office furniture, kitchen furniture, bedroom and much more.

Phone: +375 (174) 21-07-00, 22-07-83

Address: Soligorsk Street. Quay, 2 (map)

Anugrah Impex

Sale of furniture, including: furniture fittings, sofas, etc.

Phone: 8 (01795) 2-00-24

Address: Slutsk, st. Kopyl, 18 (map)

Borisov MLC

Furniture accessories.

Phone: +375 (1777) 4-84-62, 9-39-39, 4-82-30

Address: Borisov, st. The factory, 45 (map)


Manufacture and sale of furniture fittings and components.

Phone: +375 (1777) 3-23-74

Address: Borisov, st. Builders, 19, com. 109a (map)


Manufacture and sale of furniture accessories.

Phone: +375 (1777) 3-11-70, 3-25-67

Address: Borisov, st. Demin, 5 (map)


We offer you a great selection of furniture, including: furniture fittings, living rooms, closets, etc.

Phone: +375 (29) 311-82-36

Address: STR. Serov, 2 / A (map)


Sale of furniture accessories, sofas, upholstered furniture and other furniture choice for home and office.

Phone: +375 (17) 260-26-85

Address: STR. Russiyanova, 11 (map)


Sale of furniture accessories, furniture, sofas. Low prices of the goods quality will please you.

Phone: +375 (29) 199-99-00

Address: STR. Chervyakova, 3 (map)


Sale of furniture accessories and tables. Low prices and product quality will please you.

Phone: 8 (0163) 46-59-00

Address: Baranovichi Street. Williams, 163 (map)


Furniture fittings to create a cuisine: facades and decorative elements, table tops, wall panels, furniture, sand blasting, stained glass, etc. Finished products: kitchen furniture, tables, chairs.

Phone: +375 (29) 700-43-44, +375 (29) 700-43-45

Address: Molodechno Street. B. Khmelnitsky, 27, TD "Vega" (map)


Furniture accessories, furniture supports, legs, frame elements, etc.

Phone: +375 (176) 74-71-97

Address: Molodechno Street. B. Gastinets, d. 143 (map)

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